Word of Promise - Complete Audio Bible (MP3 Discs)

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December 18, 2017
This is an amazing product, I have no words to describe the quality of the sound and the fidelity to the scriptures of this audio bible. When you are listening to it seems that you are living in those days, and God speak to your spirit as you heard the narrative and the enactment of the different character from the bible. This is a gift that is worth more than you ever pay for, this is a life people, this is the true at your hand, this is your life line so you understand the plan God have for humanity and the enormous price he paid for our salvation. Probably you have read the bible many times but when you listen to it for a space of time your mind retain many details and you sometime miss when you read and revelations of the word of God is vivid. I want also acknowledge the work faith planet does, they respond to any email and assist you with your order every step of the way. Excellent Christmas gift!!
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